Legacy Planning

A Strategic Approach to Planned Giving

Facilitate and celebrate more structured
and documented estate gifts.

You want to grow your gifts in wills program and secure more planned gifts.
And, you want legacy discussions with donors to be donor-centric and values-based.

At Heaton Smith, we partner with nonprofits to help them close the gap between their donors’ desire and capacity to give to heirs and to charity.  Through our proven values-based legacy planning model, donors make important decisions regarding when and how they will support their heirs’ and the nonprofits most important to them.

Working with our exclusive Australian partners at Catalyst Fundraising and Philanthropy, Heaton Smith now offers this proven service to Australian NFPs and charities.

Values-based legacy planning includes the following steps:

  • Discovery – a researched-based questionnaire; what’s important to a donor
  • Clarity – Family Financial Philosophy that states a donor’s goals
  • Decisions – donor-centric recommendations; includes gift instruments, timing of gift, and best assets to give to heirs and charity
  • Implementation – meet with a donor’s advisors
  • Documentation – more than 50 percent of donors with whom Heaton Smith works document a structured or estate gift with clients

Unlock the potential of select donors to make an incredible impact on your organization through values-based legacy planning.

Here’s how it works:

1 1
Request a Consultation
During your consultation, we will work to understand your gifts in wills program, review your program’s goals and objectives, and identify gaps and challenges you currently face to ensure you get the most effective solutions possible.
2 2
Implement Our Legacy Planning Services
One of our Australia-based consultants will guide select donors through our values-based legacy planning process. Documented structured and estate gifts will help unlock the full potential of your gifts in wills program.
3 3
Reach Your Development Goals
We believe that using our proven methods and counsel will help you build a more effective gifts in wills program to help you secure and develop the best and largest gifts possible.

Discover how you can help your donors make meaningful structured and estate gifts to your organization through values-based legacy planning.


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