Gift Planning Guide Desk ®

Consultation services to create effective gift planning programs.

Nonprofit organizations deserve to have a strategic blended and gift planning program, regardless of size.

If you are a small- to medium-sized organization with a consistent donor cohort but do not have a blended and gift planning program, then you are missing out on the $8.8 trillion wealth transfer currently underway. No matter your team’s size, you deserve to have a strategic and effective gift planning program.

Strategic blended and planned gifts enable you to:
  • Secure the best and largest gifts possible
  • Increase the total impact of the donor
  • Build sustainability of funding
  • Meet the needs of all your donors

  • We know you want to build a successful planned giving program but too often find your goals unmet and your potential donors unengaged. With Heaton Smith’s Gift Planning Guide Desk ®, our nationally-recognized team will help you facilitate and celebrate more blended and documented estate gifts so you can achieve greater impact through your organization.

    Gift Planning Guide Desk® services include:

    • Blended and planned gift vehicle training
    • Meaningful and relevant case studies
    • Technical expertise imparted to your gift officers from a nationally recognized team
    • Training to conduct successful blended and gift planning donor conversations
    • Learn best-practice discovery questions for donors
    • Learn how to discuss donors’ assets and identify their giving intent
    Gift Design
    • Identify your donor’s unique goals
    • Generate gift strategies based on donors’ goals – from simple to complex
    Gift Agreements
    • Written gift agreements from Heaton Smith team members that reflect:
      • Donor intent 
      • Purpose assigned to each gift 
      • Set expectations

    Here’s how it works:

    1 1
    Request a Consultation
    During your consultation, we will work to understand your unique program, review your goals and objectives, and identify gaps and challenges you currently face to ensure you get the most effective solutions possible.
    2 2
    Implement Your Gift Planning Guide Desk Services
    Our team of experts will support your organization by implementing your customized Gift Planning Guide Desk® service package.
    3 3
    Reach Your Development Goals
    We believe that using our proven methods and counsel will help you build a more effective planned giving program that will help you secure and develop the best and largest gifts possible.

    Discover how the Gift Planning Guide Desk® monthly subscription service can maximize your planned giving program.


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