Community Foundation Development Services

Comprehensive Development Program Counsel

Creating meaningful impact with your
community foundation development program

Community Foundations are uniquely positioned to serve as a philanthropic hub of their communities, connecting generous donors with a broad range of community needs. Yet some community foundations struggle to achieve best practice in their development programs, structure and operations, and to increase their philanthropic reach. Heaton Smith provides comprehensive development program services to help you achieve the results of a high performing community foundation. 

With Comprehensive Development Program Counsel, you will:

  • Align your community foundation with asset development best practices
  • Increase your internal capacity in donor-centric planning and gift planning knowledge and services for both lifetime and legacy gifts
  • Align your community foundation with proven best practices in donor acquisition, donor relations, professional advisor outreach, and affiliate services.
  • Build sustainability of funding for your community foundation and the organizations it serves.

All of Heaton Smith’s services are provided by our nationally-recognized team who bring their unique experiences and expertise in the community foundation area to work for you as we tailor our services to meet your needs, regardless of size. It is time to stop missing opportunities and instead build a more robust development program to support your community foundation. 

Our Comprehensive Development Program Counsel Includes:

Program Development
  • Case statement
  • Infrastructure
  • Marketing
  • Policies and procedures
  • Gift agreements
  • Donor-Facing Presentations
  • Values-Based Legacy Planning
Internal Capacity Building
  • Staff Training and Coaching
  • Development Plan and Metrics
  • Job Descriptions
  • Prospect Cultivation
  • Prospect Identification and Tracking
  • Gift Planning Guide Desk®
Donor Relations
  • High-Level Stewardship Activities
  • Legacy Society Protocols
  • DAF Co-Funding Protocols and Strategies
  • Donor Recognition
Constituent Services
  • Board and Committee Training
  • Professional Advisors’ Outreach Strategy
  • Professional Advisors’ Continuing Education
  • Nonprofit Partner Support

Achieve the results of a high performing community foundation by transforming your development program today.

Here’s how it works:

1 1
Request a Consultation
During your consultation, we will work to understand your unique program, review your goals and objectives, and identify gaps and challenges you are currently facing to ensure you get the most effective solutions possible.
2 2
Implement Our Comprehensive Development Program Counsel
Our team of experts will work to support your organization with tailored insights that build your organization and unlock the full potential of your development program.
3 3
Reach Your Development Goals
We believe that using our proven methods and counsel will help you build a more effective development program to help you secure and develop the best and largest gifts possible.

Discover how your community foundation can make a wider impact through our Comprehensive Development Program Counsel.


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